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Why a dating app photographer? Do you really want to book a wedding photographer making you do weird poses that will scare girls away? No!

A professional dating app photographer is an expert on making you look attractive in the world of online dating. From Tinder headshots to full body photos showing your best features, our network of professional Bumble photographers, Tinder photographers, and Hinge photographers, will guide you through a session to get the best results.

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How to book your Tinder photography session

You can book your next dating app photo session in 3 simple steps:

1. Choose the city where you want to do the photo session

2. Choose the available date on the calendar in that page

3. Pay for the session (Stripe) after choosing your desired date

You’ll receive a confirmation email from your photographer with more details.


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Should I hire a photographer for Tinder?

You should hire a professional Tinder photographer if you want to increase your matches, improve the quality of your matches, and ease your chat with potential dating partners.

Having high-quality Tinder Photos is the first step to having a great online dating experience, from getting more likes to matching with the people you really want to. You should hire a photographer for Tinder and get a good variety of photos from your shoot, from Tinder headshots to full body pictures doing cool activities.

If you want to succeed in online dating, you should be covered on every front, from hiring a photographer for Tinder to having solid conversation skills (Meet Millie AI dating assistant can help!).

Do people get professional photos for Tinder?

One of the best ways to be successful at online dating, from Tinder to Bumble, is to have a profile with high quality professional photos, from headshots to activity photos.

With professional photos for Tinder, you can have a better profile, show your personality, increase the chance to get more dating app matches, more easily engage in conversations with your photos as the starting point, and have people reach out to you first!

Should I get professional photos for a dating profile?

If you’re really serious about online dating, you should take action to improve your chances of success, including getting a photographer for your dating profile and shooting a variety of professional photos, including:

  • A clear headshot of you smiling or looking away from the camera, showcasing your best features
  • 2 or 3 full body and upper body photos of you with great outfits out and about
  • 2 or 3 activity photos, highlighting your fun lifestyle (e.g, surfing, hiking, playing a sport)

How do you take professional pictures on Tinder?

The best way to have professional pictures on Tinder is to hire an expert photographer and follow these 17 tips:

  1. Clearly show how you look like by taking a Tinder headshot looking above or away from the camera, ideally with a smirk
  2. Take full body photos with different outfits and accessories to showcase your style
  3. Take photos doing cool activities that you enjoy, from playing sports to having fun in a nightclub
  4. Don’t take care blurry photos or with a weird background, try to take photos in nice looking locations
  5. Only take a shirtless photos if you have a great body and this should be ideally done in a relaxed setting like the beach and not the gym
  6. Don’t take photos with a girl who people may thing it is your girlfriend
  7. Don’t get group photos with other guys, especially if they are taller
  8. Do not look mean in photos or include anything related to violence (e.g., guns)
  9. Don’t take selfies, have professional pictures on Tinder took by a professional
  10. Have fun pictures with your dog, but don’t over do it
  11. Take photos with a relaxed body and face posture, try to have a fun and act natural while taking photos
  12. Take photos with great light, ideally at sunset (golden hour)
  13. Avoid weird outfits and costumes (e.g., Carnival, St.Patrick’s day) in your photos
  14. Don’t take photos in a professional setting, keep that for LinkedIn
  15. Find iconic locations and fun places in your city to take photos and allure to the fact that you frequent those places and have fun lifestyle
  16. Avoid weird angles for photos
  17. Don’t over do your photos with filtering options or too much editing 

Should I put my profession on Tinder?

You can include your profession on Tinder, especially if you have a cool or prestigious job. Example of professions that succeed on Tinder include:

  • Entrepreneur/Founder
  • Airplane pilot
  • Artists/Musicians
  • Actors, Media (TV/Radio/Internet personalities)
  • Gym-related jobs (e.g., personal trainer)
  • Modeling
  • Sports professional
  • C-level suite jobs
  • Nightlife related jobs like bouncer, barman, stripper, etc
  • Risky professions like firefighters
  • Doctors

Are professional dating photos worth it?

According to research, having professional dating photos on Tinder is the best way to increase the number of likes you have by 48%, boost your matches by 49%, and have 43% more people starting conversations with you.

More studies reinforce how much professional dating photos are worth it, with 85% of women “agreeing or strongly agreeing that photos are the most crucial aspect of a profile” in dating apps, from Tinder to Bumble and Hinge.

Is 1 picture enough for Tinder?

1 picture is not enough for Tinder, with research suggesting that you should have between 4 and 6 solid photos for your dating app profile, from Tinder to Bumble and Hinge, but, it would be better if you had 12 photos so you can update your profile regularly.

If you are really serious about dating, you should do a new dating app Photoshoot every 2 to 3 months and update your dating app profiles regularly.

Is 3 pictures enough for a dating profile?

You should have between 4 and 6 photos in your dating app profile as 3 pictures is not enough to show you your looks, personality, and lifestyle.

On Tinder, you can use up to 9 photos and on Bumble and Hinge, you can use up to 6 photos or videos. If dating apps give you the option to upload that many photos, you should upload the best photos you have to fill out that number.

What kind of pictures get noticed most for males on dating sites?

Here are the top 5 research-based pictures that get noticed most for males on dating sites:

  1. A clear headshot as your first dating app profile picture with a great smirk, clearly showing how you look like
  2. Full-body picture with a nice outfit looking away from the camera while smirking
  3. Shirtless photo on the beach (if you have a great body)
  4. A photo of you with a pet (dog) or holding/playing with a baby
  5. Activity photos, doing cool and adventurous things from hiking to surgind or playing the guitar

What are the don'ts of dating app photos?

Here are the top 10 don’ts of dating app photos:

  1. Not clearly showing how you look like
  2. Taking blurry photos
  3. Taking photos with weird angles
  4. Not showing a fun lifestyle and variety of photos (from fashion to full body and headshots)
  5. Taking photos with bad looking backgrounds or ugly locations in your city
  6. Taking group photos where people don’t know how you are
  7. Taking photos with your ex-girlfriend, mother, etc
  8. Looking mean in photos, smoking, or having guns
  9. Taking cringe selfies
  10. Editing your photos too much (e.g., filters)

How to do a photoshoot for Tinder?

With Meet Millie’s dating app photographer network, you can book a Tinder photoshoot in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the city where you want to do the photo session
  2. Choose the available date on the calendar for that photographer
  3. Pay for the session (Stripe) after the choosing your desired date

You’ll then receive an email with more details from your chosen photographer.

How many Tinder pics should a guy have?

You should have, at least, 6 solid pics for your dating app profile, from Tinder to Bumble and Hinge, but, it would be better if you had 12 photos so you can update your profile regularly. 

If you are really serious about dating, you should do a new dating app Photoshoot every 2 to 3 months and update your dating app profiles regularly.

Is a headshot good for Tinder?

A headshot is the perfect 1st photo to have in your Tinder or online dating app profile (e.g., Bumble, Hinge). Ideally, your Tinder headshot should give a clear impression of how you look.

You should have a comprehensive set of Tinder photos, from headshots to full body pictures doing fun activities, having coffee, playing a sport, etc.

What should I do to prepare for a Tinder photoshoot?

A successful Tinder photoshoot requires some preparing from you and your dating app photographer, including:

  1. Prepare a set of looks to change during the photo session, from classy to casual looks
  2. Bring accessories that give an extra “taste” to your look, from necklaces to sunglasses, rings, or hats.
  3. Engage in conversation and chat with other people before the session so you feel engaged and in the right mood to have fun during the session
  4. Be candid with your Tinder photographer on what you’d like and what you would like to do in your pictures, from poses
  5. Find a professional in dating app photos instead of a general photographer who has little clue about the context and intricacies of online dating.

With Meet Millie’s network, this process is even simpler! We have vetted a series of professional Tinder photographers across cities who are fully prepared to deliver dating-focused photos for your profile.