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You can book a one-time Tinder photo session with our partner photographer and get 12 photos that will enable you to do 2 different profiles (6 photos each).

For optimal results, you can subscribe to the yearly plan, where you'll do 4 different photoshoots in one year and be able to update your photos across dating apps.

/one-time payment
  • 1 session
  • 1h-1h30 hour session
  • 12 fully edited professional photos
  • 10% discount on the MeetMillie app subscription
  • Get 100 raw photos without watermark
Serial Dater
  • 4 session/year
  • Get frequently updated photos
  • Each sessions takes 1h-1h30
  • 12 fully edited professional photos in each session
  • 25% discount on the MeetMillie app subscription
  • 100 raw photos without watermark in each session

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Should you hire a professional photographer for Tinder?

If you want to increase your matches, improve the quality of your matches, and ease your chat with potential partners, you should hire a professional Tinder photographer.

Having high-quality Tinder Photos is the first step to having a great online dating experience, from getting more likes to matching with the people you really want to.

If you want to succeed in online dating, you’d have to be covered on every front, from great online dating photos to having solid conversation skills (Meet Millie AI dating assistant can help!).

Do professional photos help on Tinder?

Having professional photos on Tinder is the best way to increase the number of likes you have, the quality of your matches, and have people reach out to you first!

How to do a photoshoot for Tinder?

With Meet Millie’s Tinder photographer network, you can book a online dating photoshoot in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose the city where you want to do the photo session
  2. Choose the available date on the calendar for that photographer
  3. Pay for the session (Stripe) after the choosing your desired date

You’ll then receive an email with more details from your chosen photographer.

Should I get professional photos for a dating profile?

Yes, if you’re really serious about online dating, you should take action to improve your chances of success, including having high-quality photos, good conversation skills, and improving your appearance.

The best professional photos for a dating profile include:

  • A clear headshot of you smiling or looking away from the camera, showcasing your best features
  • 2 or 3 full body and upper body photos of you with great outfits out and about
  • 2 or 3 activity photos, highlighting your fun lifestyle (e.g, surfing, hiking, playing a sport)

How many Tinder photos should you have?

You should have, at least, 6 solid photos for your dating app profile, from Tinder to Bumble and Hinge, but, it would be better if you had 12 photos so you can update your profile regularly.

If you are really serious about dating, you should do a new dating app Photoshoot every 2 to 3 months and update your dating app profiles regularly.

Is a headshot good for Tinder?

A headshot is the perfect 1st photo to have in your Tinder or online dating app profile (e.g., Bumble, Hinge). Ideally, your Tinder headshot should give a clear impression of how you look.

You should have a comprehensive set of Tinder photos, from headshots to full body pictures doing fun activities, having coffee, playing a sport, etc.

What should I do to prepare for a Tinder photoshoot?

A successful Tinder photoshoot requires some preparing from you and your dating app photographer, including:

  1. Prepare a set of looks to change during the photo session, from classy to casual looks
  2. Bring accessories that give an extra “taste” to your look, from necklaces to sunglasses, rings, or hats.
  3. Engage in conversation and chat with other people before the session so you feel engaged and in the right mood to have fun during the session
  4. Be candid with your Tinder photographer on what you’d like and what you would like to do in your pictures, from poses
  5. Find a professional in dating app photos instead of a general photographer who has little clue about the context and intricacies of online dating.

With Meet Millie’s network, this process is even simpler! We have vetted a series of professional Tinder photographers across cities who are fully prepared to deliver dating-focused photos for your profile.